Fact Sheet - What is the Opportunity Cost of the Status Quo (RRSP Savings)?

Originally posted on Jun 02, 2012
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Fact Sheet - What is the Opportunity Cost of the Status Quo (RRSP Savings)?

Let us take a  45‐year old owner/operator drawing  $140,000  per annum in salary and contributing the maximum under either an RRSP or Personal Pension Plan.

This individual decides to retire at age 65. Throughout the accumulation phase of 20 years, assets return 7.5% (and earnings are tax-exempt while in the registered accounts).

Age at start of period4545
Total Assets at age 65$1,692,109$2,431,017
Annuity Purchase Factor14.546714.5467
Monthly Pension$9,693$13,926
PPP Advantage (monthly)$4,233

Every day that this person does not upgrade to a PPP translates into a loss of $136. This does not factor in additional tax savings (and higher tax refunds) relating to the PPP features such as:

·         Deductibility of Fees

·         HST 33% Refund

·         Terminal Funding

·         Corporate Deduction for Purchase of Past Service

·         Tax Deductibility of Special Payments

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