Personal Pension Planning For Corporate Owner-Managers

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In light of the new tax rules that penalize passive investments within CCPCs, advisors must understand how pension legislation can become a powerful tool to deal with wealth succession, business succession, and tax optimization within a corporate environment.

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Discover 20 advantages that registered pension plans provide business owners that aren't possible with an RRSP.

What You'll Learn

How to find significant tax deductions by upgrading clients from RRSPs to pension solutions

How to use pension solutions within broader planning exercises such as the sale of business or transition to the next generation

Constructing portfolios within the parameters allowable by the provisions set forth in the Income Tax Act that can maximize the benefit of pensions.

Find out how the PPP differs from an IPP.

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Course Content

Chapter 1
Introduction: Pension management in the context of the business owner demographic
Chapter 2
Understanding the differences between RRSP and pension regulatory environments
Chapter 3
Disadvantages of traditional RRSPs for a family company vs pensions
Chapter 4
Navigating the Tax on Passive Investments by using a pension solution
Chapter 5
Concept of Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer: pension surplus at work within a family company
Chapter 6
How can one improve on the Individual Pension Plan: a review of combination plan solutions
Chapter 7
Creditor Protection and Bankruptcy Protection in the context of pension plans
Chapter 8
Fiduciary Oversight: the pension competitive edge
Chapter 9
How the pension plan fits in with other competing strategies: insurance synergies
Chapter 10
Investment management for Canadian small businesses
Chapter 11
Asset allocation, risk assessment, return objectives and how to best maximize the probability for success in the scope of a customized pension plan
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The Personal Pension Planning For Corporate Owner-Managers is 1 of 6 courses needed for the MFA (Retirement & Succession Services Specialist Designation)

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