Save more and pay less tax every year with a Personal Pension Plan

Save more and pay less tax every year with a Personal Pension Plan

A world-class pension for business owners, incorporated professionals & high valued employees

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Your INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan

The Personal Pension Plan™ (PPP®) is a wealth accumulation and tax savings solution specifically designed for business owners, associations, franchise owners or incorporated professionals like accountants, consultants, dentists, doctors, financial advisors, lawyers and many more to accumulate significantly more in retirement savings and pay less tax than most Canadians.

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Pension Plan
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Increased Wealth
Reduced Taxes
Explore the benefits

More tax deferring room
than any other vehicle

More tax deferring room
than any other vehicle

With the INTEGRIS PPP®, you can contribute more towards your retirement than what's allowed with an RRSP/TFSA or an existing IPP. Coupled with the power of compounding, this accumulates to larger savings when you retire.

It’s important to note that PPP® contributions take the place of RRSP contributions moving forward (TFSA contribution room remain intact). Please do not contribute to your RRSP if you plan to setup your PPP® in the same year.

Advantages of the PPP® vs IPP
Want to defer even more? Ask about our RCA upgrade

Tax-free intergenerational wealth transfer

Image of Generational Gap

Tax-free intergenerational wealth transfer

Potentially pass wealth to your loved ones without triggering taxes on capital gains or probate fees.

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Adapt your contributions to your business' cashflow

Image showing cashflow
Low Cash Flow?

The INTEGRIS PPP® gives you the option to lower your contributions during downturns in the economy or your business and top up in better financial times.

High Cash Flow?

Have extra income during market downtowns? INTEGRIS PPP® allows you to take advantage of the market dips and tax defer more income to use towards your investments.

Find out if the INTEGRIS PPP® is the right solution for your investments

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Invest in all asset classes

Image showing that the PPP®has more assets on it's platform

Invest in all asset classes

The rules surrounding the investments of pension plans are more liberal and allows for investments in asset classes that aren't available for an RRSP or TFSA such as land, units of limited partnerships and alternatives to name a few.

Find out if the INTEGRIS PPP® is the right solution for your investments

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Get the highest level of creditor protection in Canada

Image showing all PPP®assets under protection

Get the highest level of creditor protection in Canada

Should you or your business encounter financial difficulties, creditors cannot access your savings in the INTEGRIS PPP® to pay your debts. Your PPP®assets are protected and kept safe for your retirement.

Rest assured, your INTEGRIS PPP® is approved and regulated
by the Federal Government of Canada and Province/Territory of issue

Supported in all provinces

The INTEGRIS PPP® is available in all Canadian provinces and territories

Assets stay managed by those you trust

Image showing the financial advisor in control

Assets stay managed by those you trust

You may opt for your existing financial advisor to continue investing your assets or choose a reputable candidate from our Advisor Network.

Rest assured that INTEGRIS will never have access to your assets.

INTEGRIS Advisor Network
Join the INTEGRIS Advisor Network

Contribute more during a bear market

Image showing contributions made during bear market

Contribute more during a bear market

When the markets dip as we saw in March 2020, you will have until the end of the year to perform the following:

  • Make up for the market losses by contributing more towards your INTEGRIS PPP® — thus more towards your retirement
  • Since your company contributed more, this will increase the company's tax deductions
  • Go "bargain hunting" with the new contributed funds within your INTEGRIS PPP®
  • Profits taken from the sale of an investment are tax-free because you're in a pension plan

Fiduciary Oversight from the best professionals in Canada

Photo of JP

Get the Fiduciary Oversight
of the best In Canada

The INTEGRIS Team is comprised of top pension lawyers, consultants and actuaries. We come together to supervise your Personal Pension Plan and ensure coordination between key stakeholders such as trustees, insurers, custodians and investment managers

In 2012, our CEO was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his leadership in the development of new forms of retirement savings plans.

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Reach your retirement goals faster

Do the math and see for yourself

Assumptions set by the CRA: salary increase: 5.5%, rate of return: 7.5%, payment indexing after retirement: 3.0%

Optimized to help as many Canadians as possible

Business Owners & Incorporated Professionals

The bread and butter of our Canadian economy. You can now shelter more income and collect larger tax refunds.

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Engineers
  • IT Contractors
  • Independent Consultants, Financial Advisors, Accountants
  • ...

Not a shareholder?

You can have an INTEGRIS PPP® too!


Associations of all sizes can now offer their members the same benefits as other large associations. These include professionals, industry, sectoral, etc.


Franchisors can now offer franchisees an opportunity to build up a personal pension for themselves and key employees without acting as the plan's sponsor. Franchisees can also set up their own pension plan through INTEGRIS

Find out if the INTEGRIS PPP® is the right solution for you.

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Sample Deductions in year of PPP® plan set up
Buy Back of Past Service: $50,000
Corporate tax deduction gained from retroactive registration (dating back to the incorporation/salary start date)
Current Service: $30,000
Contribution limit for the given year
Double Dip: $20,000
Additional personal tax deduction available in the first year only

Access new tax refunds and save money from the first day

Gain access to PPP® related tax deductions such as buy back, current service, double dips and more.

Partner with INTEGRIS to provide the Personal Pension Plan to your clients
For Accountants For Advisors


Prices may vary depending on the number of plan members and investment type

Selected Portfolio Managers
Plan fee waived
/ year
  • INTEGRIS annual fee waived by Portfolio Manager
  • All Fees are Tax-deductible
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
  • Creditor Protection
Plans starting from
/ year
  • Use your own Advisor
  • All Fees are Tax-deductible
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
  • Creditor Protection
Upgrade from IPP
Consulting and Audit Fee
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Larger Tax Deductibles
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
  • Creditor Protection

Be confident in your decision

To guarantee our customer satisfaction, each request is carefully reviewed to ensure that the INTEGRIS PPP® is the correct solution for you.

Upgrade your IPP

We've made the process of converting your Individual Pension Plan (IPP) to the INTEGRIS PPP® very easy. Upgrade your IPP today.

INTEGRIS clients can often save $800,000 1 or more for their retirement when compared with traditional RRSPs. Get Started today to see how much further ahead you will be.

1. Calculated by looking at the difference between RRSP and Defined Benefit contributions over the life of a plan, assuming an identical rate of return

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