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"We've built the best asset protection and tax deferring vehicle in Canada"
— Jean-Pierre Laporte, CEO

What is INTEGRIS Pension Management Corporation?

Offers incorporated business professionals (and C-Suite Executives) the most tax-effective way of saving for the future. INTEGRIS acts as a fiduciary between government and regulated companies in Canada to provide its clients with a high caliber Personal Pension Plan (PPP®). While INTEGRIS does not invest assets, it designs and implements pension strategies tailored to the individual’s needs and maintains the plan’s compliant status over a lifetime.

The PPP® is the most effective tax-savings solution permitted by Canadian tax legislation and generates the highest levels of wealth in Canada for its clients eclipsing all other savings vehicles such as TFSAs, RESPs, RRSP, and IPPs.

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Drawing on over a decade of experience as a pension lawyer for several prestigious Toronto firms, including Bennett Jones LLP, Fasken Martineau LLP, Osler and Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Jean-Pierre Laporte has dedicated his career to improving pension legislation. Frustrated that the significant benefits of pensions were not readily available to those outside of large companies, Jean-Pierre created the Personal Pension Plan ™ to level the playing field and open up a new world of financial options and increased retirement savings for incorporated professionals.

Who is Jean-Pierre Laporte?

In 2004, Jean-Pierre Laporte set out to create a better solution for investors that wanted improved asset protection while minimizing taxes. With an impressive academic background at the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, he is often called upon as an expert witness before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, and he has written several seminal articles on pension reform, including an expansion of the Canada Pension Plan.

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In 2012, Jean-Pierre received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his leadership in the development of new forms of retirement savings plans.

In the Press

The Daily Finance is recognizing INTEGRIS as one of the top personal finance companies in Canada for 2021 alongside Wealthsimple and CIBC Mellon

This article showcases the top picks for the best Toronto based Personal Finance companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Personal Finance industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

February 19th 2021

Retirement plan options for pension-less physicians

Retirement planning has been front of mind for many Canadian physicians in recent months.

September 20th 2019

The Journey



Income Tax Act amendments come into force, allowing for registered pension plans for individuals.



Province of Ontario adopts legislation giving certain professions the right to incorporate their practices, thereby giving them the opportunity to establish a registered pension plan.



Pension lawyers Jean-Pierre Laporte and Sheldon Wayne publish "Individual Pension Plans: Are they worthy of a second look?" in the Estate Trust and Pension Law Journal, providing an early road map to the creation of INTEGRIS.



INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. is incorporated. SSQ Financial and Industrial Alliance become service providers (pension fund-holders) for INTEGRIS plans.



Canadian Western Trust becomes a pension plan fund-holder for MFDA, IIROC and ICPM investments.


Tax Legislation Change

Federal Government introduces tax legislation that virtually negates the advantage for business owners of receiving compensation from their private corporations in the form of non eligible dividends after factoring the corporate taxes paid. Many accountants revisit earlier advice to avoid T4 income (salary and/or bonuses) and adopt a more balanced approach making it possible for their clients to set up a PPP®.


Ontario Retirement Pension Plan

Ontario adopts Ontario Retirement Pension Plan legislation that mandated all Ontario employers to contribute to this new provincial plan. Clients with PPP®s are exempted from the new regime.



INTEGRIS PPP®s are being sold in a number of provinces including B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Québec. INTEGRIS partners with Cygnus Investment Partners LP to give clientele access to the same private equity solutions that large pension plans have access to.

Canadian Western Trust becomes a pension plan fund-holder for MFDA, IIROC and ICPM investments.


Canadian Controlled Private Corporations Changes

Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau introduces a package of tax reforms that impact entrepreneurs who operate their business through Canadian Controlled Private Corporations. These new measures make it virtually impossible to save for retirement by treating the private corporation as if it were a quasi-pension plan thereby further increasing the usefulness of Personal Pension Plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements as tax-effective retirement solutions.


Changes to Investing assets passively

TOPI and TOSI Introduced The package of fiscal changes introduced by the federal government increases the tax on small companies that invest assets passively or tries to income split it with family members that aren't employed by the corporation. The PPP® provides a tax-effective manner to defer these new taxes.


Bill 213

In Ontario and New Brunswick, Provincial legislation exempts PPPs from provincial rules, thereby further reducing the cost of setting up and maintaining a PPP®.

INTEGRIS clients can often save $800,000 1 or more for their retirement when compared with traditional RRSPs. Get Started today to see how much further ahead you will be.

1. Calculated by looking at the difference between RRSP and Defined Benefit contributions over the life of a plan, assuming an identical rate of return

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