PPP customers should seriously consider joining the Canadian federation of independent business (CFIB)

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PPP customers should seriously consider joining the Canadian federation of independent business (CFIB)

INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. has developed many business relationships with firms in the Canadian financial services industry over the past 8 years. Some are large investment management firms, insurance companies, or accounting firms. Sometimes we come across niche service providers that fill a particular need for our clients outside of our core area of expertise.

This week we are pleased to reproduce an article by Anna Granic Regional District Manager for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, a business association that lobbies for small and medium-sized companies and provides affinity products on a discounted basis.

The views expressed by the guest writer below are those of the author below and do not necessarily represent those of INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp.

My name is Anna Granic, and I am a District Manager at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). 

I am reaching out to you through JP on behalf of all small and medium businesses across Canada.  

We need your help now as we tackle various issues that directly affect independent business owners, including the Hydro and Carbon Tax. With the unprecedented pandemic and the uncertainty of our economy, we need to stand together and make sure our voices are heard to lower taxes, improve regulations, and strengthen the business environment. 

To help us tackle these issues, we need you to become CFIB members.

In addition to helping small and medium businesses like yours through the objectives described above, there are numerous savings, resources, and benefits included in your membership (some of which are listed below). To join CFIB or to ask any questions, please reach me at the contact information listed in my signature file.  

JP is already a member, and here is a link to his promotional membership video: 

I hope to hear from you soon. 

Anna Granic
District Manager
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
C: 647-403-8104
CFIB -in business for your business


Exclusive Discounts

  • Save on payment processing, banking, payroll, shipping and more.
  • We leverage the size of our membership base -110,000 members - to negotiate great rates on products and services that help save you time, money and frustration.



  • Get expert advice from dedicated business counsellors in every province.
  • Access webinars and templates for common HR issues, and more.


A strong voice for Canadian business

  • Influence the policies that affect your business.