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Through our partnership with Link Investment Management, companies can redefine their retirement plan approach

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Are Canadian employees ready for retirement?

Did you know...employers are looking for a simple cost-effective way to attract, reward and retain their employees.

Did you know...less than 50% of medium-size businesses (100-500) offer a workplace savings plan, for small business (< 100) it's less than 20%.

Did you know...workplace savings plans are proven to reduce employees' financial stress

There's an option for employers to ensure their employees' retirement can be in comfort.

Multi-Employer Pension Plans (MEPPs)
A true pension plan, contributions to a multi-employer defined contribution (DC) pension plan are locked-in until retirement to provide retirement income.

Discover Link's MEPP

Link's MEPP offers financial advisors a partner-focused solution for retirement savings


LINK's MEPPs provide a tax efficient way for your clients to accumulate pre-tax retirement savings.


Link's team of experts will help you guide your clients to setup a differentiated workplace benefit that creates a culture of caring.


LINK's digital administration platform allows for straightforward plan design and portfolio management including customer onboarding and support.

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Who is Link?

We are listeners

User engagement and customer assessment are the hallmark of our design process. We act on the challenges employees and employers face in managing their compensation plans

We are professionals

We have decades of investment, plan administration and technology experience. We apply the lessons of the past to generate tomorrow’s solutions.

We are committed

Everyone who works at Link is a shareholder. We collaborate and consult and drive each other to be the best we can be.

We are innovators

We know there is always a better way, challenging us to redefine the status quo.