The Smith Manoeuvre and the Personal Pension Plan

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This course will give you a solid understanding of The Smith Manoeuvre tax-deductible mortgage strategy and how it can help your clients not only generate personal wealth from their mortgage but can also significantly augment the growth of your client’s Personal Pension Plan and corporation.


Many of your clients own their own homes and have a mortgage. This creates an opportunity to become their trusted advisor by adding value above and beyond your competition by showing them how to improve their cash flow, eliminate their expensive mortgage quickly, and invest significant sums each month – all without requiring additional cash flow on a monthly basis. When integrated with a Personal Pension Plan, your advice, guidance and services will prove extremely valuable.

What You'll Learn

Why every Canadian homeowner should examine making their mortgage tax-deductible.

What The Smith Manoeuvre requires, how it works and how your clients can benefit.

Avoid common mistakes and get clarity on common misunderstandings and myths.

What are the risks and issues surrounding suitability and qualification?

How The Smith Manoeuvre and a Personal Pension Plan can integrate to significantly increase your clients’ financial security.

How becoming a member of the Canada-wide Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional network can build your business.

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Course Content

Chapter 1
Why Canadians Need The Smith Manoeuvre…and Debt!
Chapter 2
What is The Smith Manoeuvre?
Chapter 3
Accelerators, Conversion, Investment & Taxation
Chapter 4
Common Myths, Mistakes & Other Things to Know
Chapter 5
Costs, Risks, Suitability & Common Questions
Chapter 6
The Smith Manoeuvre and the Personal Pension Plan
Chapter 7
The Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional Accreditation Program
Chapter 8
The Smithman Calculator Tutorial

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