Planning with Trusts

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This course provides a detailed primer in the subject area featuring common true to life scenarios because every financial advisor who discusses tax, financial or investment plans with clients should have a basic understanding of the taxation of trusts in order to discuss estate planning options with clients.

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Trusts are used on an ever-increasing basis to plan for wealth and succession objectives for medium and high worth clients. An advisor who can assist with that process enjoys the oppor­tunity to nail down long-term, intergenerational connections with clients and their families.

What You'll Learn

You will come to understand the basics of trusts and learn how to explain them to clients. You'll also learn how to avoid probate fees using alter ego trusts and RRSP trusts, and reduce income taxes using charitable remainder trusts, estate freezes, and testamentary trusts. Among the subjects covered is learning how to protect children from gold-diggers, protect wealth from creditors, and safeguard beneficiaries from poor financial judgment using control designed trusts. Also covered is learning to help clients with disabled beneficiaries. Identifying opportunities and needs for insurance products as part of trust planning is a subject area as well.

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Course Content

Chapter 1
Basic Trust Mechanics
Chapter 2
Trusts as Mechanisms to Exert Control
Chapter 3
Basic Tax Treatment
Chapter 4
Testamentary Trusts
Chapter 5
Inter Vivos Trusts, Inter Vivos Trusts
Chapter 6
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Chapter 7
Alter Ego and Joint Partner Trusts
Chapter 8
Insurance and RRSP Trusts
Chapter 9
Spousal Trusts
Chapter 10
Trusts for Disabled Beneficiaries
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The Planning with Trusts is 1 of 6 courses needed for the MFA (Retirement & Succession Services Specialist Designation)