HUB Financial announces partnership with INTEGRIS

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HUB Financial announces partnership with INTEGRIS

HUB is pleased to announce its partnership with INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. to give business owners, franchisees, and incorporated professionals a better way to save for their retirement through Personal Pension Plans or PPP®.  The PPP® provides the highest tax-deductible contributions, under Canadian tax laws, over time, and allows its users to maximize their retirement assets during their working career. 

"We are happy to be offering a better retirement savings solution to our valuable entrepreneurial clients through our extensive network of advisors across Canada.  The PPP® is superior to other existing products such as TFSAs, RRSPs, or even IPPs and we believe it fills an important niche in the retirement savings landscape," says Aly Damji, Executive Vice President, Investment Division and HUB Capital.

The PPP® is designed for self-employed individuals, business owners, and incorporated professionals. It offers a combination registered pension plan that provides both a defined contribution and a defined benefit option.   Members have the flexibility to choose which plan component and contribution method better fits their needs at the start of every year. It also allows members to make additional voluntary contributions on top of the amount deposited by the employer (as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount authorized by Income Tax Regulations), making it a custom solution for each plan member. The tax deductions allowable to the PPP® could exceed twice the lifetime contribution limits permitted to RRSP savers.

As Jean-Pierre Laporte, Chief Executive Officer of Toronto-based INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. points out, the most significant PPP® advantage over a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (“RRSP”) is the ability to put away significantly more money. The Personal Pension Plan offers seven extra tax deductions that are not available with the RRSP. This tax-saving solution allows up to 60% greater tax-deferred compounding until the individual retires. A larger annual investment, the same tax-sheltered benefit – that’s where the PPP® can make a difference.  For the first time in Canada, the PPP® can also be offered through a guaranteed segregated fund insurance contract.

Pension plans provide the best financial security during retirement. Unfortunately, most self-employed individuals and professionals are either unaware or not taking advantage of them. Together, HUB and INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. give Canadian business owners, franchisees, and incorporated professionals the opportunity to take advantage of this superior retirement savings option without the hassle and complexity of managing a pension plan.

About HUB Financial

HUB Financial Inc. is one of Canada’s largest distributors of life insurance and investment solutions.  As a full-service Managing General Agency (MGA) with 15 offices throughout Canada, HUB supports over 5,000 independent Financial Advisors who help people plan and live better lives. HUB Financial Inc. is a subsidiary of HUB International Limited, the 5th largest insurance brokerage in the world.  HUB’s vision is to be everywhere risk exists – today and tomorrow. Helping protect what matters most.  Please visit to learn more about HUB Financial.

About INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp.

Founded in 2014, INTEGRIS commercialized the Personal Pension Plan or PPP® to give Canadian entrepreneurs, and their families, access to the most tax-efficient retirement solution in the country.  Using government approved combination registered pension plans and fiduciary oversight to provide peace of mind for its clients, INTEGRIS delivers a suite of pension consulting services to its high net worth clientele across Canada. Please visit for more information about INTEGRIS.

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INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp.    

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