Why INTEGRIS is not a MEEP (Multi-Employer Pension Plan)?

Sep 24, 2012
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Why INTEGRIS is not a MEEP (Multi-Employer Pension Plan)?

We have been asked whether the INTEGRIS Pension Plan is a Multi-Employer Pension Plan, or MEPP.

It is not. A MEPP is typically governed by a Board of Trustees, and customarily only offers defined benefits. Contributions made by participating employers are often calculated on a defined contribution basis, and specified in collective agreements (though this is not always the case). The INTEGRIS Pension Plan is a stand-alone pension plan designed for the owner-operator of a business enterprise. MEPPs are common in unionized environments such as construction and membership in the MEPP is typically only given to unionized employees. INTEGRIS provides a pension solution to the contractor/employer.

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