Can I contribute to an INTEGRIS plan and to my RRSP at the same time?

Sep 23, 2013
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Can I contribute to an INTEGRIS plan and to my RRSP at the same time?

Yes, but only in very limited circumstances.

When one makes a contribution to a pension plan, the government measures that contribution through what is known as a “pension adjustment” or PA.


If an individual had an RRSP contribution room of $20,000, but made a contribution of $25,000 to the INTEGRIS plan in a given year, the PA would be $25,000.

Owning a Personal Pension Plan™ Year One:

In the year that an INTEGRIS Plan is set up, a one-time RRSP contribution of $9,740 is permissible in addition to the normal pension plan contributions for that year.

Therefore, using the example above, the INTEGRIS client would be able to make the following tax-deductible contributions in the first year of setting up a plan:

$25,000 to the INTEGRIS Plan
$9,740 to the RRSP

$25,000 to the INTEGRIS plan
$ 600 to the RRSP

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